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That fake… what reaction is that even? “Omg, I’m about to suck my dad’s cock for father’s day!” Well step-dad I guess, else it would be completely messed up and probably illegal. Fucked if I know really.

What I do know is that you can watch some sick shit with this Dad Crush discount.

The name really says it all, it’s all about girls having crushes on their step-dads and either acting all shocked like this little ho at what they’re doing or what they’re about to do despite them really actually having pondered over it a thousand times and finally their slutty fantasies getting the better of them and kicking them into action.

And the step-dad? Well, what is he supposed to do with his brains in his cock as it is and his tight little step-daughter grabbing him by the shaft after he’s noticed her lust over him at least a dozen times before. If she’s going to initiate it he’s going to fuck her of course.

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